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signal de bourrage
jamming signal
information technology and data processing -
La détection de spectre employée supporte également une classification de signal de bourrage.

The spectrum sensing employed also supports jamming signal classification.

mechanical engineering -

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Un partie d'émission de signal de bourrage (14) génère un tel signal si le paquet à transmettre est jugé prioritaire.

A jam signal generating section (14) generates a jam signal if the packet to be transmitted is judged that it should take priority.

electronics and electrical engineering -
Un partie Communication (15) envoie le paquet à transmettre sur un support de transmission jusqu'à ce que ce paquet soit retransmis après cessation du signal de bourrage.

A communication section (15) sends the packet to be transmitted onto a transmission medium until the packet being transmitted is again sent after the jam signal is stopped.

electronics and electrical engineering -

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