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textile / textile - acta.es

(Distillat pétrolier raffiné incolore ne dégageant pas d'odeur de rance ou d'autre odeur nauséabonde et dont l'intervalle d'ébullition s'étend approximativement de 149 °C à 205 °C.)

(A colourless, refined petroleum distillate that is free from rancid or objectionable odours and that boils in a range of approximately 149 °C to 205 °C.)

général / general - eur-lex.europa.eu
device situated at the entrance end of a section to release the entry signal

jeu initial

transports / transport - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
device situated at the entrance end of a section to release the entry signal

jeu origine

transports / transport - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
Interinstitutional Medical Board (Sickness Insurance Scheme of the Communities)

Collège médical interinstitutionnel

santé / health - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
certificate concerning the aggregation of periods of insurance,employment or residence

formulaire E104

assurance / insurance - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
clause in policy to the effect that insurance starts after the payment of the first premium

clause de régularisation

droit / law - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
Directive 2009-138-EC on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance

Solvabilité II

union européenne / european union - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
notification of suspension or withdrawal of the right to sickness and maternity insurance benefits in kind

formulaire E108

assurance / insurance - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
certificate of entitlement to benefits in kind under insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases

formulaire E123

assurance / insurance - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
statement of assurance as to the reliability of the accounts and the legality and regularity of the underlying transactions

déclaration d'assurance

droit administratif / administrative law - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

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