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hespérie de l'herbe au vent

hespérie: skipperinsectes et arachnides / insects and arachnids - acta.es

herbe: grassnutrition / nutrition - acta.es
herbjardinage et botanique / gardening and botany - acta.es
grassesenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
fodderagriculture / agriculture - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
forageagriculture / agriculture - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
pastureagriculture / agriculture - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
marijuanamaladie / illness - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
bashproblème social / social problem - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
boo 4)drawproblème social / social problem - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
,cannabisproblème social / social problem - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

hespérie de l’herbe au vent

insectes et arachnides / insects and arachnids - acta.es

at least one vent outlet is provided for the discharge of gases from the de-aeration chamber.

brevets / patents - wipo.int
the de-aeration chamber, which comprises an inner volume, includes an inlet formed on the inner side for receiving gases passing through the plurality of vent holes

brevets / patents - wipo.int
the package includes a fin seal with an aperture positioned in the fin seal to act as a vent 11 when the package and its contents are heated in a microwave oven

brevets / patents - wipo.int
an apparatus is disclosed for reducing pressure and velocity of a particulate-laden, supersonic vent gas stream from a pressure vessel such as an autoclave

brevets / patents - wipo.int
each air channel comprises in sequence an admitting port, a gas passage, a vent hole, wherein the minimum area of each gas vent hole is smaller than the minimum area of the corresponding gas passage

brevets / patents - wipo.int
when the enclosure-casing is pressed, the trapped air is able to escape rapidly from the enclosure-casing through the vent.

brevets / patents - wipo.int
a vent cover for installing on a shipping container. the vent cover includes a housing adapted for covering a vent hole of the shipping container. a direct current (DC) power source is encased or enclosed in the housing

brevets / patents - wipo.int
the perforated plate is comprised of a material, such as a ceramic, that is resistant to erosion by the abrasive particulate entrained in the high velocity vent gas

brevets / patents - wipo.int
wherein the suction tube is connected to a branch connector and one branch of the branch connector is connected to a suction source tube which is connected to a suction source and another branch of the branch connector is connected to a vent tube

brevets / patents - wipo.int
an air vent device for opening and closing piping, which supplies the cutting liquid, to the atmospheric pressure is provided at a position above the rotary joint

brevets / patents - wipo.int

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