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power source

power: pouvoirgénéral / general - techdico
puissancemécanique / mechanical - techdico
capacitémécanique / mechanical - lexique.mecaniqueindustrielle.com
énergiemécanique / mechanical - lexique.mecaniqueindustrielle.com
forcemécanique / mechanical - lexique.mecaniqueindustrielle.com
rendementmécanique / mechanical - lexique.mecaniqueindustrielle.com
détentemécanique / mechanical - techdico
alimentersciences de la terre / earth sciences - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
énergie électriquesciences physiques / physical sciences - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
force mécaniquesciences physiques / physical sciences - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

source: sourcemécanique / mechanical - techdico
springenvironnement / environment - acta.es
fontbibliothèques / libraries - acta.es
spring (waters)environnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
spring (hydrology, landenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
source constituantenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
source speciesenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
source substanceenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
emission sourceenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net
emitterenvironnement / environment - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

power source

bloc d'alimentation - transformateur ou transfo

ferroviaire / railway - techdico
power source


photographie / photography - acta.es
power source

bloc d'alimentation

finances / finance - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net


are connected to a power source terminal or a reference power source terminal. the other end of the electrostatic protection element

brevets / patents - wipo.int

. the control device detects voltage signals, such as detected voltage values of systems of a power source voltage, for driving the first air delivery fan

brevets / patents - wipo.int

the invention relates to a gravity operated mechanical flushing apparatus, which is operated without any external power source

brevets / patents - wipo.int

for receiving electric energy from an external power source, and an accumulation means

brevets / patents - wipo.int

meanwhile, the electrocatalysis composite membrane as anode and an auxiliary electrode as cathode are connected to a power source respectively by wires so that an electrolysis apparatus is formed

brevets / patents - wipo.int

for allowing a part of an electrolytic solution contained therein to make contact with the diaphragms, an electric power source for applying a voltage to the diaphragms, and pressure maintaining sections

brevets / patents - wipo.int

upon detecting a high threshold state of charge, an external power source such as an AC-to-DC adapter is disabled, and the battery to provides primary power to the electronic device

brevets / patents - wipo.int

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