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joint pin

joint: articulationmécanique / mechanical - techdico
jointmécanique / mechanical - techdico
joint de collemécanique / mechanical - techdico
pièce de raccordementmécanique / mechanical - techdico
sealentautomobile / automotive - techdico
sealaéronautique / aeronautics - techdico
oil sealmécanique / mechanical - techdico
gasketautomobile / automotive - techdico
sealingautomobile / automotive - acta.es
rotulemécanique / mechanical - techdico

pin: axemécanique / mechanical - techdico
chevillemécanique / mechanical - techdico
goupillemécanique / mechanical - techdico
personal identification number - code confidentieltélécom / telecom - techdico
tenonmécanique / mechanical - techdico
pinejardinage et botanique / gardening and botany - acta.es
bornemécanique / mechanical - techdico
épinglemécanique / mechanical - techdico
ergotmécanique / mechanical - techdico
fichemécanique / mechanical - techdico

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European joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy

entreprise commune F4E

relations internationales / international relations - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

European joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy

Fusion for Energy

relations internationales / international relations - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint Committee for European Community - Palestinian Authority trade and cooperation

Comité mixte

relation de l'union européenne / eu relations - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint Special Representative of the United Nations and the League of Arab States for Syria

Représentant spécial conjoint

relations internationales / international relations - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint undertaking to develop the new generation European air traffic management system (SESAR)

entreprise commune SESAR

organisme communautaire / community body - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint Undertaking for the implementation of the joint Technology Initiative on Innovative Medicines

entreprise commune IMI

union européenne / european union - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint Practical Guide for persons involved in drafting legislation within the Community institutions

guide pratique commun

droit de l'union européenne / european union law - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

joint proposal by the Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

proposition conjointe

sécurité publique / public safety - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

income from investment in and loans to undertaking in which the business has a participating interest or joint ventures

produits de participation

gestion comptable / accounting - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

action for the refund by one or several heirs to a third party of the interest in an estate sold to him by a joint heir

retrait successoral

droit / law - iate.europa.eu // santrans.net

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